Dewberry SlimLine water filter (green apple)

The Dewberry SlimLine filtration pitcher provides unmatched filtration in a stylish design.

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Description produit

Dewberry SlimLine water filter

The Dewberry SlimLine is the easy way to drink better quality water anywhere. The long-life Dewberrry filters are able to remove a wide range of contaminants from your tapwater, while the slim and stylish pitcher fits perfectly in narrow shelves.

Dewberry SlimLine water filter diagram
Dewberry SlimLine water filter diagram

The Dewberry advantage

The Dewberry system doesn't use just any ordinary filter cartridge. It uses a 3-stage system to ensure the cleanest, tastiest water. In the first stage, particles are removed from the water through a fine mesh. Next, water goes through activated carbon with antibacterial silver impregnation which absorbs chlorine, organic impurities, and pesticides. Finally, waater passes through an ion exchange resin which reduces hardness and removes toxic metals. The result is clean, delicious-tasting water.

Dewberry SlimLine water cartridge
Dewberry SlimLine water cartridge

Cartridge lifetime monitoring system

The lifetime of the cartridge is monitored by an advanced microprocessor-based Cartridge Lifetime Monitor (CLM™) which accurately calculates the amount of water filtered, so the cartridge is never over-used or wasted. The CLM™ is the secret behind the Dewberry’s unmatched purification system and the extended life of the cartridge. Each cartridge is engraved by laser with a unique crypto code. Quality and authenticity can be traced by this code which contains date and time of manufacture.

Principales caractéristiques

  • slimline design
  • designed to fit inside refrigerator door
  • unique, long life screw-fit  Dewberry cartridge
  • filling aperture with flip-top lid
  • advanced, microprocessor-based Cartridge Lifetime Monitor (CLM™) 
  • non-slip base for comfort and stability
  • optimal capacity: 1.7 litres of purified water and 3.3 litres total jug capacity
  • all parts (excluding lid) are dishwasher safe  


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