Sana citrus press black

Sana Citrus Press (black)

Heavy-duty cast iron citrus press for home or commercial use

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Product description

Fabriqué à partir de fonte robuste pour la stabilité et d'acier inoxydable pour un jus sain, le presse-agrumes Sana est idéal pour le jus de grenades. Il produit le jus d'agrumes le plus sucré sans éplucher, et le pressage garantit qu'aucune amertume de la peau ne pénètre dans le jus.

Sana citrus press black
Sana citrus press black

Stable and powerful

Weighing in at a whopping 10 kilograms, the Sana Citrus Press is the fastest and easiest way to make citrus juice. The wide base and rubber feet provide enhanced stability, while the long handle and oversized grip provide maximum leverage for to get the most juice out of oranges, pomegranates, grapefruit, lemons, limes and more.

Sana citrus press black assembly
Sana citrus press black assembly

Easy to use, easy to clean

If you need juice fast, the Sana Citrus Press is the way to go. Just cut your citrus or pomengrante in half, spike it on the stainless steel cone, put your glass under the press, and pull the handle. Immediately you have juice in your glass - no peeling required. And cleanup is even easier. Simply wipe the stainless steel "hat", and rinse the juice bowl and cone. You can even put the cone and bowl in the dishwasher, since they are made from stainless steel. It really is the fastest way to get a fresh glass of juice and is prefect at breakfast when time can be at a minimum.

Sana citrus press tomato attachmentt
Sana citrus press tomato attachmentt

Optional tomato juicer attachment

Now you can use the Sana Citrus Press to make fresh tomato juice too with the optional tomato juicer attachment. The juicing bowl and cap are specially designed to catch the seeds and fibers of tomatoes while allowing the juice to flow into a glass. Add a dash of lime and salt for a refreshing summer treat. Click here for more information.

Caractéristiques en un coup d'śil

  • Solid cast iron construction
  • Non-slip rubber gripper feet for stability
  • Long handle with oversized rubber grip
  • Sweet juice without any bitterness from the peel
  • Stainless steel juicing bowl
  • Stainless steel juicing screen
  • Optional attachment for tomato juice
  • Great for pomegranates too


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